Casement and Awning Windows

If you are checking around for information about new windows, chances are you need windows. What’s on your list of must-haves? Most likely you want windows that are easy to operate and also let in as much fresh air as possible when you open them up. Casement and awning windows may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Casement and awning windows are similar to each other since they are both attached to their frames by hinges, allowing you to easily push them open. The main difference is that casement windows are attached to the sides of their frames (so that they open up from the side), while awning windows are attached to the tops of their frames (so that they open up from the bottom). 

Awning windows are typically smaller than casement windows and are often used as a way to bring sunlight and fresh air into spaces like bathrooms that require some privacy. But many homeowners choose to install them above other windows as well. Doing so achieves a unique design element in an otherwise average room. For example, you can complement your casement windows by installing awning windows right above them. 

Our Armorvue Casement and Awning Windows

We offer both casement and awning windows as part of our Gold Series and Platinum Series lines of windows. 

If you’re thinking about replacement casement or awning windows, consider our Platinum Series or Gold Series line of windows. For more information about either, or to set up an in-home estimate and schedule your window replacement project, contact us at Armorvue today.