Choosing the Right Replacement Windows

Choosing the Right Replacement Windows
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Tips for Finding the Right Replacement Windows

Expert Advice from Armorvue Home Exteriors of Cleveland, OH

Are you considering new windows for your home? If so, you should know that there is a big difference between the different grades of replacement windows in terms of quality and performance. In this article, Armorvue Home Exteriors of Cleveland, OH will examine some of the options to consider when looking for the best replacement windows for your home.

Are there lots of different window styles?

There are a wide variety of window styles to choose from. Luckily, the architecture of your home can provide several clues on the right window style to use. Colonial style homes, for example, typically have double-hung windows with multiple panes. This is a look that you likely want to stick with. More modern homes, however, might look best with large panes in double-hung or two-panel sliding designs. For more choices, speak with a replacement window specialist at Armorvue Home Exteriors of Cleveland, OH.

What are the different types of window frame materials?

Window style is important, but, an equally important factor is the actual construction material used in making the windows. Generally, the choices are vinyl or wood but some hybrid designs are available. Here’s what you should know:

Wood: In the old days, all window frames were made of wood. Today, wood is still a very popular high-end material but keep in mind it usually requires some upkeep. In particular, it may require sanding, staining, or painting throughout its lifetime.

Vinyl: Vinyl is perhaps the easiest window material to maintain. It is resistant to termite damage and will not warp, peel, or rot. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining your new windows, consider durable, vinyl windows.

What about glass technology?

Today, replacement windows offer superior energy efficiency through the use of several technologies. It’s important to understand the components that create an energy-efficient glass package.

Dual and triple panes: Replacement windows typically come in two options of glass panes: dual and triple. Dual-pane glass is the standard and consists of two panes of glass with an airspace in between. This airspace is often filled with Argon or Krypton gas. Triple pane glass adds an extra pane of glass in the middle and offers increased energy savings and additional sound-blocking capabilities.

Low-e coating: Low-e is an invisible coating that is applied on the outside or inside of a pane of glass depending on the manufacturer. The purpose of low-e is to reduce heat transfer into the home. In the summertime, it reflects sunlight back outside and in the winter, it allows sunlight to stream through the glass and warm the inside.

What about the window installation process?

The quality and performance of new replacement windows is really only guaranteed when you work with an established window company. If you are considering a company to install replacement windows on your home, it is important that you choose someone with a local presence, and has great references. Don’t be swayed by the inexpensive quotes you may receive from others you find online. The quality and performance of the finished results will rarely be the same.

Let Armorvue Home Exteriors of Cleveland Install Your New Windows

When it comes to installing replacement windows, Armorvue Home Exteriors is standing by to serve the greater Cleveland OH area. Why go with Armorvue? First off is the quality of the windows themselves; we only use the best. And secondly, you won’t find a more experienced or skilled team of specialists when it comes to installing windows.  Contact us to get the job done right, all at a great price.