Garden Windows

Garden windows are a unique way to add a customized feel to your home. Similar to Bay windows, Garden windows extend beyond the exterior wall of your home creating a glass box. Typically, Garden windows are fitted with a shelf homeowners can use to display a number of things including plants.

Garden windows can boost curb appeal in addition to providing a creative space to showcase your style. Our Garden windows feature a crank operation to allow fresh air in along with all the natural light that floods into your living space.

To improve thermal efficiency and reduce the possibility of condensation, our Platinum Series GardenVue™ windows are designed using high-density polyisocyanurate. The welded sill pan has a built-in weep system and the window itself is manufactured with a superior sealant to stave off any leaking. 

Garden windows provide homeowners with a great option to add a creative design element to their homes and boost their curb appeal. For more information about all of our window options, reach out to us at Armorvue Home Exteriors today.