Local Contractors vs Big Box Stores

Local Contractors vs Big Box Stores
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Local Contractors vs Big Box Stores

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You own a home, and now you have maintenance needs that have to deal with your air conditioning and even home heating. Now you’re curious as to who you should be going to once you start having issues. For many people, they tend to go the easy route, and just go to big Box Stories, like Home Depot and Lowes. We’re here to tell you why it’s much better to support local contractors, like us here at Armorvue Home Exteriors! There are many major perks to choosing a local business like us, instead of a big business that is trying to drive out businesses like ours just by using convenience to get you through the door. Down below we’ll be explaining why we are the better choice for all of your maintenance needs, no matter the time of year.

They know what they’re doing

Unlike a Lowes or Home Depot, which are large stores that have many different things to be selling, local contractors do what they do every single day, and that’s it. They aren’t trying to sell you smaller items like light bulbs, or outdoor furniture. They are simply servicing air conditioners, or fixing heating. There is no switching what they are doing, they are consistent in what they’re doing, which means you can always trust them to get the job done right without the worry about anything else getting in the way. Choose your local contractor, and skip the big box store.

Establish relationships

When you’re looking for a company you can trust, you want people who want to establish a longterm partnership with you. That means more than just using them once and moving on afterward. Small businesses want to continue earning your service, which means they’ll be working extra hard to keep your business! Big box stores don’t necessarily need your business, mostly because they do more than just service air conditioning, their business model is not built around that sort of thing.

Create more local jobs

Do you want to be a part of growing the economy in your own town? By using local services, you are helping to contribute to your local community. This is a great way to continue to give back to the place you live, which, in turn, makes it better for everyone. The biggest benefit is when local contractors buy from other local business, which continues a circle of services that helps each other.

You know who’s coming

There is no mystery about who might be coming into your home. This can be a big fear for many people, especially when they’re using a large store. No one wants to have strangers wandering inside our outside their house, and when you choose local, you’ll be able to start a relationship with whoever is servicing your air conditioning. That means, the next time you need them, they are likely to be the ones who come again!

Choose Armorvue Home Exteriors

When you’re looking to help out a local business, we hope you’ll choose us here at Armorvue Home Exteriors. No matter what you need for your home, we know that we can help you out! We would love to continue to earn your service, appointment after appointment, so you know that we will do the best job possible. Give us a call today!