Patio Covers and Screen Rooms

Having a patio out your back door is a luxury. Creating an outdoor living space on your property allows you to extend your living space and enjoy the outdoors. Too often, though, outdoor living spaces aren’t as accessible as we’d like. Cooler seasons, rain, and wind can keep us indoors. But extending the amount of patio time accessible to you can change drastically by installing a patio cover or screen room.

Obviously a screen room is your best bet for maximizing your outdoor living space. With it, you can enjoy your patio during inclement weather and at night when the bugs are out. In addition to maximizing your seasonal outdoor spaces, screen rooms offer a lot of protection for your outdoor furniture, which will, in turn, make them last a lot longer than those on an open patio.

Patio covers are a great option too, and unlike screen rooms, patio covers give you that outdoor feel while still providing some protection from the elements. Patio covers are aesthetically pleasing and can be customized to meet your unique needs both in quality and design.

Our expert installers use only the best materials for patio covers and screen rooms. All of our materials used are topped with Krystal Kote to help prevent wear and tear and are TCA-Guard protected to help protect against wood-boring insects. The flexible headers can be adjusted to match the pitch of your roof to provide that built-in feel, and our products are incredibly durable-exactly what you would expect from Armorvue Home Exteriors. We add crown molding to conceal the fasteners, giving your property a polished look. 

Thinking about adding a screen room but not sure you want to make that kind of commitment right off the bat? Start by installing a Patio Cover. Our Patio Covers can be easily converted into a screen room later on. Heavy-duty aluminum is used in the manufacturing of these screen room walls to ensure the products we use will be durable and last a really long time. For more information about our patio covers and screen rooms, contact us today!