Picture Windows

Picture windows are the perfect choice for living spaces that can benefit from a ton of natural light. Generally, you’ll install a picture window in a room that has other windows too. This is because picture windows do not open. Picture windows make rooms feel larger, and bring the outside views in.

Contrary to what you may think based on their size, high-quality picture windows are actually very energy efficient. This is due to the amount of light that comes through – even on a cloudy day. You’ll spend less money keeping the lights on during the day, and since they don’t open, picture windows have a good seal, eliminating the chance for drafts. You can, of course, increase the energy efficiency of the picture window you choose based on selecting ones built with higher quality materials.

Here at Armorvue Home Exteriors, we offer our picture windows in two series:

For more information about how you can customize them to fit your home’s design, or if you are thinking about replacing your current picture window and have questions for us, contact Armorvue Home Exteriors in Cleveland today.